About Hunza Legal

Hunza Legal is the trade name of Hunza B.V., a private company with limited liability, controlled by Mr. M. (Martin) A. Slagter. Mr. Slagter is a legal professional with more than 25 years experience as an attorney at law and legal counsel, working in international law firms and in multinational companies in Amsterdam. He combines legal and business acumen with high standards of thoroughness, precision and commitment to provide superior quality and creative legal services to clients.

When you do business in The Netherlands, or are involved in a legal dispute in The Netherlands, you need a Dutch legal expert. Mr. Slagter is such an expert. He is a multi-specialist, possessing a broad range of legal expertise with extensive experience in all corporate law, finance law (including securities, LMA and ISDA), tax law and general Dutch civil law areas, including mergers and acquistions (M&A), legal due diligence, business reorganizations, contracts and agreements as well as in litigating claims (i.a. corporate and shareholder disputes, breach of contract, tort, debt collection, attachment, etc.)

Mr. Slagter is specialized in tax disputes as well, i.a. incorrect tax assesments, fiscal fines, etc.) and particularly with respect to tax collection and legal protection against liabilities of a (executive and non-executive) director, supervisory board members, shareholder, etc. Risk liabilities (no fault-based liability) and irrefutable evidence presumptions make a successful contest of liability difficult. Of course the saying "prevention is better than cure" applies here too. Mr. Slagter can advise you in a sound manner about the risks and opportunities in relation to the (potential) tax liabilities (conditions for liability, precautionary measures, coercion) and if necessary, represent you to raise an objection and litigate against liabilities.   

Hunza Legal is committed to traditional goals of providing clients with quality legal services, but utilizing innovative techniques of a virtual law office. Hunza Legal means: listening, analyzing and solving.

As a result the legal services provided by Hunza Legal are affordable and easy accessible.

Hunza Legal represents a diverse group of  national and international entities and individuals in a broad range of fields.


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